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Application of pesticide identification code spraying equipment for pesticide traceability code

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Since 2017, it has been defined as the year of the pesticide policy. The retrospective reform of pesticide QR codes has been implemented vigorously, sweeping from the root to all levels of the industry. In the long run, the entire pesticide industry is a booster and purifier. . As you can see, the introduction of each policy will bring changes, opportunities and pressure to the industry. The turbulence brought about by a small pesticide QR code to pesticide companies is destined to be unusual. Instead, it will become a booster for the strong and a life and death for the weak. Opportunity is indeed a new field of coding and marking for pesticide marking equipment. As of January 1, 2018, pesticide products produced by pesticide manufacturers and companies exporting pesticides to China must have a QR code on the label, and the QR code must be unique to ensure that the product can be queried through the traceability website. For information on production batches, quality inspections, etc., it is already a foregone conclusion that pesticide companies have traceable QR codes on their pesticide packages. The transformation of the production line has also been put on the agenda, and the entire process of QR code assignment and traceability is completed under the dual action of hardware pesticide coding and marking equipment and variable data editing software. Pesticide identification coding equipment provides a coding solution including production code, online code assignment, and sub-code assignment. The coding equipment printing scheme of the pesticide industry will have different designs depending on the production line of the enterprise, and each scheme has Its incomparable superiority, suits local conditions, and suits oneself is the best.
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