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Application of inkjet printers in all walks of life

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
With the wide application of inkjet printers, various industries have different technical requirements for inkjet printers. Don't worry, inkjet printers have unique tricks for inkjet printers in all industries and can easily provide you with solutions. 1. Mechanical industry solutions. The application of coding technology in the field of mechanical parts and accessories can not only provide identification part numbers, specifications, etc., but also perform supplier management and product traceability. In recent years, it has been used in the auto parts industry. There are many successful application cases. 2. Solutions for the building materials industry The production environment in the building materials industry is generally harsh, and the requirements for the dust-proof and shock-proof performance of the machine are more prominent. The inkjet printer adopts a fully sealed stainless steel casing and a double built-in pump ink circuit system to ensure that high-definition information can be printed in complex environments. 3. Daily chemical industry solutions The daily chemical industry has extremely high requirements on the specifications, clarity, aesthetics and ink adhesion of the printed information. Under the guiding principle of being market-oriented and maximizing the value of customers’ products, Guangzhou Famako Co., Ltd. develops and produces H series inkjet printers with superior stability and perfect printing information... 4. Chemical industry solutions are aimed at There are many solutions for different production environments and printing requirements in the chemical industry. On the surface of chemical packaging such as lubricants, fertilizers, thinners, glues, etc., Easycode inkjet printers can safely and stably change information in real time such as text, numbers, and graphics.
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