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Application of inkjet printer in food packaging industry

by:Arojet     2021-07-31

Food is closely related to people's lives and constitutes an important part of food, clothing, housing and transportation, and is also one of the important livelihood topics. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of productivity, packaged food has also appeared substantially. Including meat, vegetarian food, finished products, semi-finished products, etc., can be displayed on the sales side in exquisite packaging. On the one hand, packaged food is convenient for people's lives, and on the other hand, it is easy to achieve systematic management in quality supervision. Exquisite packaging is also one of the important marketing tools. In the environment where food safety is relatively harsh, how to highlight the importance that enterprises attach to food safety? Identifying products is an important choice. Nowadays, the mainstream products of marking are centered on inkjet printers, and other labeling or coding is due to radiation. What can not be ignored is the economic benefits of inkjet printers in long-term use under the dual consideration of production efficiency and production costs. With the characteristics of clear and beautiful logo, strong adhesion and not easy to erase, can perfectly match the production line, and can print more complex icons including manufacturer's trademark, QR code, barcode, etc., the use of inkjet printers in the food industry is also Keep expanding. The use of inkjet printers in the food industry will greatly save productivity. A fully automatic inkjet printer can mark tens of thousands of products a day. The process only requires manual addition of solvents and inks. After setting the corresponding printing content, the machine can completely Complete the identification process autonomously.

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