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Application of ALT handheld inkjet printer in enterprise product traceability management

by:Arojet     2021-07-23
With the rise of Industry 4.0, more and more companies have begun to use product traceability systems to manage the entire life cycle of products. Starting from the production of the product, a unique QR code is assigned to each product, and each product information is automatically entered into the traceability management system. The product enters the dealer link, and the dealer scans the product QR code to automatically record the production flow to which dealer in which region in the traceability system. After the customer purchases the product, he can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code, and automatically record where the product was purchased in the traceability system. The product traceability system can not only help enterprises in product management, but also create new ways for enterprise marketing, and also provide new supervision methods for government management departments. Therefore, government departments are also actively promoting the establishment of traceability systems in various industries. For example, the Ministry of Agriculture has issued new regulations for pesticide product traceability systems. How does an enterprise make a product traceability system? The traceability system requires a combination of software and hardware, and a combination of a traceability software system and coding equipment. The commonly used coding equipment is also a printer. More exciting content: For the traceability of products in certain industries, the coding equipment must use hand-held inkjet printers, so hand-held inkjet printers are also very useful in product tracing. For example, the traceability management of items used in outdoor work, the traceability management of large products that are not easy to move, and the traceability management of construction projects. There are many types of handheld inkjet printers, and there are not many handheld printers that can be used as coding equipment, because the handheld inkjet printer of the coding equipment requires high printing resolution and high equipment stability requirements, so that the QR code sprayed on the product It is easy to scan and identify, and it will not fall off when attached to the product. Shanghai Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the coding and marking industry for 15 years, and has accumulated rich experience in product traceability, and can provide corporate customers with a complete set of mature solutions from traceability software to coding equipment. Our traceability customers include construction engineering management, outdoor product traceability management, power equipment system traceability, and railway equipment system traceability management.
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