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Anojie printing press manufacturers hold quarterly birthday party


In order to promote the company's corporate culture, Anojie printing press manufacturers originally intended to "people-oriented" thinking, on the evening of September 19, 2019, for employees to have a birthday, so that each employee feels the collective warmth and care. On this special day, Mr. Wang Cexin, the chairman of the company, took the lead in giving a speech and affirmed and thanked the employees for their long-term hard work. They also expressed the company's concern for the employees. Creating an excellent humanized management and promoting employees' trust in the company is an important guarantee for promoting the healthy development of the company.

With the sound of birthday songs, laughter came and went, and the birthday party held by Arnold press manufacturers not only brought the distance of employees closer, but also gave the corporate culture a humanized aura. Family management, humanized management, constantly edifying the work spirit and personal sentiment of employees, creating a relaxed and harmonious working environment and interpersonal relationship, further enhancing the collective sense of honor, responsibility and mission of employees, and fostering a candid and friendly working attitude and work style of employees. This will bring good economic and social benefits to Arojet high-end UV inkjet printer company.

Due to work problems, some of Aojie's printing machine manufacturers were on a business trip and could not attend the birthday party on time. Only a small part of the birthday party participated, but the atmosphere was very strong. Let's talk and laugh together, take turns singing, play games, make friends. Sharing happiness, let more friends and family bring blessings and joys, then sing a "Happy Birthday to you" song, receive a birthday present, and after eating the cake, the individual singers who sing to sing left to continue to molt. The birthday party ended in a lively atmosphere and everyone was happy.

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