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Arojet high-end UV inkjet printer company inherits the spirit of craftsman,create lean quality


With the popularity of smart phones, QR codes and other variable data, as a carrier of one thing and one code, applications are becoming more and more common. Arojet high-end UV inkjet printer company has been deeply involved in the field of coding control for more than ten years,The self-owned intellectual property and numbers of patent, the lean team of R&D, production, sales and after-sales provides you with a more cost-effective variable data printing solution.In the actual application of the customer, the Anojie team wants the customer to think and constantly update the iteration to meet the demand. With the popularity of more Daping Zhang code, the product will play a major role in more industrial applications.

Anojie high-end UV inkjet printers sell large single sheet flat variable data printing systems worldwide: including medicine boxes, cigarette packets, cosmetic packaging, etc.In the flat sheet feeding mode, the transmitted medium prints variable data, including one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code, text, number, etc.Small single-box flat-sheet variable data printing system: It is convenient to print variable data on a flat single box after die-cutting, which is faster and more flexible.Roll-on self-adhesive variable data printing system: mainly used for printing variable information such as two-dimensional code on the surface of self-adhesive, mainly used in drug label, wine label, food label, cosmetics field, etc.

Wide-format film variable data printing system: Due to the variable data printing requirements in the field of flexible packaging, it has matured in wide-pack film packaging such as salt packaging and bottled water.

The self-owned intellectual property coding technology has an elite team and rich experience. It can provide customized solutions according to customer needs. The product market share is high, and the superior position is obtained. The product quality has been fully verified.

The inkjet coding equipment has simple operation process, easy to learn and use, and the production process is stable and reliable.In addition, a wide range of applications and success stories such as self-adhesives and films, Anojie's high-end UV inkjet printer company will adhere to the initial intention of dedication, focus and professionalism, and strive to make its own contribution to product code application.

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