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Analysis of printing supplies market data to see _ printing digital printing, digital printing _ market dynamics

by:Arojet     2021-05-11
Takeaway: printing equipment market of the world's growth engine mainly comes from the value-added function of analog and digital printing equipment, inkjet and xerographic technology as the core of digital printing equipment as the typical representative, printing equipment markets around the world to reach $22. 7 billion in 2017, the total cost of the digital printing share by 2017 will amount to 32. 5%. According to a report released by the British agents-the company shows that: the global printing equipment market ( Especially the new equipment) GDP will reach $22. 7 billion in 2017, although compared with the peak of $25. 3 billion in 2007, we still have some gap, but the market bottomed out after the economic crisis, in 2013; Keep 1 during 2017. Average annual growth of 6%, already is not easy. This is called 'global printing equipment market forecast in 2017' the study from the trend of the technology, marketing and other aspects of global printing equipment market has carried on the thorough analysis, and the printing equipment more than 20 countries around the world market development prospects are also predicted. Printing equipment market growth, says the report mainly comes from the value-added function of analog and digital printing equipment, instead of the traditional offset printing, flexographic printing or gravure printing equipment. A new generation of printing machine equipment more than previous generations, its equipped with automation and control system can significantly simplify the operation process of printing machine. Most of the printing enterprise can choose to use a new printer to replace two or three sets of old equipment. In addition, the digital printing machine of high quality, high productivity and high stability has become the enterprise with the main reason for them to replace the traditional printing equipment. In 2014; During 2017, digital printing machine installed around the globe will break through 40000. In 2012, digital and analog printer in the global scope of the installed capacity of about 1. 1 million, by 2017, this number will rise to 1. 2 million units. During this period, the simulation printing machine installed base of basic stable, and digital printing machine installed capacity will continue to grow. Inkjet and xerographic technology as the core of digital printing equipment will become a branch of important equipment supply market. Its share of the market will be from 14 in 2007. 2% growth in 2017 to 32. 5%. At the same time, there will be more and more simulation printing equipment into the field of digital printing and prepress system suppliers. From regional point of view, China, Brazil, India and Russia will become the new equipment purchasing power in several countries. Although sheet-fed printer are still printing equipment on the market, but some German printing machine manufacturing giant, restructuring and bankruptcy also suggests that in Europe, North America and Japan and other countries reduce the demand for traditional printing machine. As the change of market demand, the era of lithographic unify the whole country is coming to an end. Leap day inkjet printing
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