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Analyses the current situation and future of the ink-jet printing printing

by:Arojet     2021-05-03
Looking back this year students inkjet market development, deep feelings, consumable price war played too intense! In 2012, Canon, and HP will be its consumables, sharp decline or a very low cost of new product launch, lexmark inkjet announced his retirement from the domestic market at the same time, the inkjet market, a mess brands began to actively reduce consumable price rob consumer crowd. Students printers, launched in 2009, the background of ME a series of home users put forward adapt with the concept of affordable, successful capture the market, most of the home printer users become one of the successful product shipped, HP and Canon for success, did not take appropriate measures and means, market is encroached on, until the HP series launched hui province. At present domestic inkjet market is given priority to with the big three, difficult to shake, HP and Canon's status, the amount of the three major brands to occupy the market share, brother, lexmark's share in the decline gradually. Three big brands dominated family printing is given priority to with the cost of this year, since 2011 since the launch of printer ink storehouse, has been controversial. For consumers, printer ink storehouse can save cost, $55, after all, you can print 4000 pages of documentation is a value in the printing industry, although the cost is low, but the printer ink storehouse is not most people can adapt to, the appearance of the modified, after all, is not very convenient to use, as a result, the Canon of low-priced ink and HP hui province series is used to taste good choice for the printer. Since bastardize the user favor when it comes to the beneath, dignity is not derogatory meaning, the original manufacturers cheap material, are competing for the market, gain more customer support. E500 all-in-one series such as Canon, the Canon released this new product by the end of the time was in 2011, consumable price as low as 88 yuan to print 800 yuan, the average cost to zero. At the beginning of 11 yuan, is to combat series cartridges and HP's $29 provinces. Even this year published a series of Canon E518 and E608 all-in-one product, or use the same ink cartridges and last year, HP released in the second half of 2012 super province series, much more economical than a Canon, in the original ink cartridge printing costs low threshold, 78 yuan swept print 1500 pages of low cost to print all the products in the brand, and even much cheaper than a series of hui merchants', give low cost home printing set a new benchmark. Users how to choose an appropriate cost 1 minute, five, five cents a cost, whether to choose a more appropriate? From pure digital, will certainly choose 1 minute, five cost of printer ink storehouse, in fact, according to the survey of most ordinary users, users willing to use original cartridges or mostly, the cartridge update is very convenient, and plug the dozen way also can save users more time, after all is not who is willing to endure the ink storehouse printer ink injection time of half an hour. From convenience, more suitable for super hui province like convenient operation, the use of the user and type is more suitable for the ink storehouse for cost focus more on users. Low-cost household PK, spray spray series, the cost is very low, much lower than the laser printer, but compared with super hui province, super hui province single-page cost is five cents, and spray the cost will be about 1 cent, many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual SOHO more willing to buy the super hui province instead of spray products, super hui province of consumables is very visible. It is difficult to define the ink storehouse type belongs to home or business use is more suitable for printing, the appearance of printer ink storehouse L101 and L201, although positioning in personal SOHO users, but from the perspective of the performance of the printer, is clearly at the same time corresponding to the two ME series students machine modification, print the slower, perform a month is not high, even modelling are about the same. Released in 2012, again, 8 of ink bin type new products launched, there are two is for home users. Printer consumable price war led to vicious competition it is thought that 2012 is a household products innovation, printing devices start price war on the consumables, from early equipment price dispute turned into consumable price dispute, allow manufacturers to reduce the profit space, could make a new round of reshuffle. Lexmark is the victim of consumable price war, the former printer manufacturers, prefer to reduce the price of printing devices is not willing to reduce the price of material, in order to seize the big profit growth point, the current vendor to lower the price of material, in order to improve the shipments, difference on quantity to fill the loss of profit, if the market takes a failure in the competition, will cause a great loss. In 2013, in the home inkjet market, three points may be the world, perhaps will weed out, who can hold to, who will win. China's large population, the domestic printing market potential is tremendous, how to stimulate the needs of users, manufacturers need to think is to print, pure cost reduction can stimulate output, but the manufacturer's profit margins are low, reduce the development cost, no doubt will reduce the speed of new product launch. chinabyte
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