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An Italian student will ink-jet printer into a 3 d printer printer _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-04-26
3 d printers, although also belong to printing equipment, and used for inkjet printer clearly printed on the paper there is a huge difference. And recently, according to foreign media reports, an Italian 18 students spent 10 euros, will ink jet printer successfully converted a 3 d printer. It is understood that the student named Lizzit pulled down three old inkjet printer and a flatbed scanner to obtain the necessary parts. Lizzit said, plastic board according to the report of the scanner can provide print with very good adhesion, but still need to buy extrusion head, ATmega328, driven plate and parts such as a large current transistor to modified 3 d printers. According to introducing, this 3 d printer can realize 33 micron print resolution, after updating the firmware, it will also be able to automatically clean the nozzle clogging, and choose the correct filament temperature, etc. Lizzit said the project's purpose is to prove that use linear encoder from inkjet printer can be quite a print, and the price is cheap. China packaging printing industry network
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