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Alcohol bottle cap printer provides identification content in the wine industry


Due to the strict national regulations on the safety of the food industry, it also promotes the introduction of spray coder to improve the added value of products in food enterprises. The emergence of spray coder provides a clear and standardized identification for the wine industry. Wine companies buy wine alcohol bottle cap printer from the spray coder manufacturer to deal with the variable two-dimensional code on the bottle cap. The anti-counterfeiting effect of wine is very good. The anti-counterfeiting technology is mainly divided into two kinds: one is information anti-counterfeiting, the other is destruction of anti-counterfeiting.

It is well known that the wine alcohol bottle cap printer uses environmental protection ink, and has good characteristics of scratch resistance, alcohol resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and non-fading. Therefore, these marking information can also be used as an important identification certificate for identifying products, so that consumers can clearly and accurately identify the production date and other detailed information of products as before, to ensure that the products purchased are authentic and safe. High quality. The physical resolution of C1 monochrome bottle cap printer is 360DPI, and the Japanese industrial piezoelectric sprinkler and control mode are adopted, modular design is adopted to reduce the failure rate of equipment and convenient maintenance.

C1 Wine Cap Printer is a high cost-effective UV variable data printing equipment. It is also a classic equipment in the same industry. It has been mature in the market for more than ten years. It is the main equipment of electronic regulatory code and drug regulatory code very early. The level of printing content reaches A/B level. Flying Paper Platform, Coating Equipment, Bottle Cap, Covering Machine, Paging Machine, Labeling Machine and so on are installed on the line.

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