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Advantages Of Personalized Digital Printing Technology


The advantages of digital printing technology are not only data printing, but most importantly, personalized printing technology can bring a new era to label production. Compared with a single universal packaging, different personalized labels have greatly expanded their competitiveness. People buy more personalized products and even buy more. This is the difference between labels made by traditional printing. This is also a great advantage of digital printing. Variable data and even anti-counterfeiting technology can also be added at the same time.

It can be formed in one time. This is the traditional digital printing technology content that cannot be distributed through different media, that is, cross-media publishing. For example, the same file can not only be printed on paper. It is published in the form of newspapers and books, and it can also generate, manage, and publish high-fidelity, reliable, interactive, and personalized digital content on any device at any time and through the network. From the point of view that printing is information processing, the demand for multiple outputs in one processing will place higher requirements on the development of plateless digital printing . Arojet digital printing technology presses have improved the efficiency of plate making with color graphics and text, and we have a new idea in printing, turning the simple information transmission process into a kind of enjoyment.

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