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plateless digital printing helps customers win the personalized printing market


 The essence of traditional printing is a large number of tedious copying processes, which can be achieved by the need for printing plates. There is printing: the printing plate uses a pre-made printing plate to print on the substrate. Such as letterpress printing, gravure printing, screen printing. However, this kind of printing plate technology has become the bottleneck of individualization and short-term production. The current order of printing companies is the demand for personalized orders and small batches. Imagine that in the short-single production process, it is necessary to manually make plates, as well as the upper plate and the adjustment plate. It is too labor-intensive and time-consuming.

 In order to realize plateless digital printing,it is inevitable to introduce advanced digital printing equipment. The difference between Arojet EM313-W non-printing digital printing equipment and traditional printing is that the printing head is non-contact printing, completely replacing the offset printing equipment requires rubber. The mode of cloth contact transfer. Its digital jet unit is a 5-color (CMYK+W) inkjet printing unit that is directly sprayed onto the substrate for imaging. At 600 x 1200 dpi resolution, the printing quality of the offset printing can be achieved. Not only that, this device can also print a large range, it can print a seamless stitching and long print with a width of 220mm × 2000mm (2m), digital UV printing in the case of roll paper, the inkjet unit is The core part of the whole machine is the mainstream KYOCERA industrial grade HD nozzle.

In order to allow customers to quickly obtain personalized, short-listed market orders, EM313-W coding printer realizes “no need for plate making, instant printing, instant error correction, variable printing, on-demand printing”. Through the operation interface, the machine state can be fed back in real time, and the parameter adjustment, such as production speed, paper spacing, etc., can be completed. In the traditional process, it takes several days to complete the production of a white paper to a molded box, and in the non-print digital printing production process, it takes only a few tens of minutes. Digital printing simplifies the printing process, returns time to production, shortens production cycles, increases shipment rates, and meets the needs of individualization and short-term orders.

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