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Advantages of coding anti-counterfeiting

by:Arojet     2021-07-30

The advent of the commodity economy, along with the influx of all kinds of commodities, will inevitably bring counterfeit, shoddy, and shoddy products. In terms of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting, merchants and counterfeiters are doing their best to fight wits and courage. Consumers are ultimately the buyers of the products, and they are also very concerned about the anti-counterfeiting of high-quality products. For many people, an effective and difficult-to-change anti-counterfeiting mark is not only a business's commitment to the product, but also a commitment to its own brand. The more popular anti-counterfeiting methods include printing and packaging materials, including laser holographic film anti-counterfeiting packaging materials, laser holographic integrated anti-counterfeiting security threads, nano-composite color-changing anti-counterfeiting materials and anti-counterfeiting inks; printing technology anti-counterfeiting, barcode anti-counterfeiting technology, etc. Relatively speaking, the use of inkjet printers for inkjet anti-counterfeiting has considerable advantages in the current anti-counterfeiting technology, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects. 1. The coding method is simple and convenient. The coding machine can change related programs, and the anti-counterfeiting mark can be changed in real time to take effect in real time, which flexibly combats endless counterfeiting methods. 2. The coding mark can be sprayed on before, during and after the product packaging, depending on the production situation, with strong adaptability. 3. The inkjet printer can cooperate with the production on the production line, the inkjet speed is fast, the mark is clear and highly adherent, and it will not affect the production progress. 4. The inkjet printer only consumes ink, and the cost is lower than other anti-counterfeiting methods, which is conducive to cost control.

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