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Advanced equipment provides positive energy QR code marking inkjet printer

by:Arojet     2021-07-26
Product identification refers to the general term used to indicate the various expressions and instructions of product information, and the two-dimensional code is a more advanced format than the one-dimensional code. The two-dimensional code can store unlimited information, and UV coding equipment leads the product to one item and one code. In the new era of printing equipment, QR code marking and inkjet printers can automatically assign codes and traceability is an important key word in the current advanced technology. Printing equipment has joined forces to open up new thinking in the Industry 4.0 era, and advanced equipment provides positive energy. With the development of high technology, inkjet printer manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the development of barcode and QR code printing functions, printing QR codes on customer products, performing product circulation control, and later scanning code retrospective inquiries, or scanning code draws, scanning codes Promotional methods such as receipt and payment have been applied more and more widely. The two-dimensional code marking inkjet printer has the following benefits for printing two-dimensional codes on the packaging of various products, such as information acquisition, website redirection, advertising push, mobile e-commerce, anti-counterfeiting traceability, preferential promotion, member management, mobile payment, etc. means. Originated from German technology and equipment, the two-dimensional code marking inkjet printer with imported industrial piezoelectric nozzles, automatic positioning is more convenient, the overall control is more comprehensive, it has complete software, perfect printing, high-quality collection, and diversified platforms. , A complete service system, supply of the entire industry chain, a complete set of solutions tailored specifically for the industry, and escort for enterprise production.
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