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Under the general trend of 'replacing plastics', product packaging printing machines can be used to achieve personalized customization of paper bags

by:Arojet     2024-02-24

In January 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued the 'Opinions on Further Strengthening the Control of Plastic Pollution', which clearly stated 'promote the application of alternative products. Therefore, many companies have begun to develop new plastic replacement products. 'Plastic replacement' is a big issue Against this background, the demand for environmentally friendly paper bags has maintained steady growth. Most environmentally friendly paper bags are biodegradable, have little environmental pollution, have the advantages of high-end grade, exquisite appearance, and are green and environmentally friendly, and are widely used in supermarkets, shops, clothing stores, restaurants, milk tea shops, etc. field. Most of the environmentally friendly paper bags we commonly see in life are printed with exquisite graphics, brand logos, brand slogans, variable QR codes, barcodes, manufacturer and other logos. The printing of these logos has maintained the The rights and interests of the enterprise have played a very good publicity role, and the printing of traceability codes/anti-counterfeiting codes has also made consumers trust the brand more. In short, clear traceability marking of environmentally friendly paper bag products is a necessary and very necessary measure. Arnold Jie Product Packaging Printing Machine is a multi-functional equipment widely used in paper, carton, food, beverage, metal, label and other industries.

The product packaging printing machine adopts a non-contact inkjet coding method. The equipment can be set up on a high-speed production line to code at high speed, improving production efficiency without affecting the quality of logo printing. The printing clarity is high (the printing effect is glossy) , the logo recognition rate is high, and it can be printed on a variety of different materials. Whether it is variable graphics, fixed text, or variable QR codes or one-dimensional codes, product packaging printing machines can achieve better printing effects. It is worth mentioning that in an era when consumers are gradually paying attention to personalization, product packaging printing machines can meet customers' personalized customization requirements and achieve customization. Anoje has been deeply involved in the digital inkjet industry for nearly 20 years and has many successful cases in many industries. It can provide you with a complete set of coding solutions and reliable quality digital inkjet equipment.

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