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One-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology helps informatization traceability of medical drugs

by:Arojet     2024-02-24

In an environment of rapid technological development, there are many types of medical drugs and products are uneven. Some businesses will produce fake and shoddy drugs for immediate profit. As a result, the quality of drugs cannot be reliably guaranteed, and consumer safety has become an urgent problem. The problem. Therefore, it is urgent to establish an information traceability system for medical drugs and monitor the quality of medical drugs. The emergence of one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology provides solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

Figure 1 Pharmaceutical QR code printing

First of all, the application of one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology in the medical drug industry can ensure the authenticity of drugs. By printing a unique QR code for each drug, consumers can easily learn the authenticity of the drug by scanning it with their mobile phones, as well as drug information, such as production date, production company, storage conditions, expiration date, approval number and other information. In this way, consumers can accurately understand the source and information of the drugs they purchase, thereby effectively avoiding buying counterfeit drugs. Secondly, through the one-item-one-code traceability system, information on product processing, production, circulation, sales and other links can be traced. Once a problem occurs with a drug, traditional traceability methods are often time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the results are not ideal. Using the one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology, problematic drugs can be quickly and accurately traced by scanning the QR code on the drug packaging. This can not only effectively control and prevent problems in the circulation process of drugs, but also improve the efficiency of supervision of drug circulation links by regulatory authorities. Finally, one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology can maintain corporate brand image and brand value. In the market, many brands of medicines already have a certain brand value and reputation. Printing QR codes on medicine boxes and packaging can prove the authenticity of their products to consumers and improve consumers' trust in the brand. And then maintain the corporate brand image and brand value.

Figure 2 Printing of medicine box packaging logo

The one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology plays a great role in the pharmaceutical industry. In the future, one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology can not only be used in the pharmaceutical industry, but can also be widely used in other industries to help companies achieve product traceability and help consumers check product authenticity.

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