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One machine with multiple functions, Arojet intelligent food packaging printing machine

by:Arojet     2024-02-24

With the acceleration of people's work and production pace, food and food packaging have put forward many new requirements, such as requiring products to be safer and more nutritious, and food packaging to be more environmentally friendly. While developing and using new food packaging, it is completely feasible to use food packaging labels to improve food safety. New technologies such as vacuum packaging, aseptic packaging, quick-frozen packaging, cold sterilization technology, and active packaging technology are used in the food packaging industry. In addition, food packaging printing machines are used to print production date, expiration date, shelf life, anti-counterfeiting code, traceability code, Information such as anti-tampering codes can help consumers purchase food to understand the production time and quality of the food on the spot, prevent expired products from entering the market, and promptly boycott expired food. This plays an important role in social food safety.

Food packaging printing machine can be classified as food packaging machinery among food machinery. It is a device that performs inkjet printing and marking after food packaging. Most food is packaged first and then marked with the production date. Food inkjet printers are used for marking. The inkjet printing effect is good, the inkjet printing is clear and scratch-resistant, and the assembly line inkjet printing is fast, efficient, cost-saving, and not easy to fall off during logistics and transportation. Recently, inkjet printers are mostly used to mark food production date, shelf life, etc., and new packaging materials and new packaging technologies are constantly being applied to food packaging. Printing machines have also been further improved, and new materials and new technologies coupled with more intelligent packaging printing press.

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