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One-item, one-code agricultural product quality traceability system enables full traceability

by:Arojet     2024-02-24

The one-item, one-code agricultural product quality traceability system is a system used to track agricultural products from production to sales. It can realize the traceability management of the entire process of edible agricultural products 'from farmland to table', so that every step of the production, processing, transportation, and sales of agricultural products is recorded. It is the most effective means to ensure the quality of agricultural products. The agricultural products we often talk about mainly include meat, vegetables, fruits, Chinese medicinal materials, tea and other products. One-thing-one-code agricultural product quality traceability systems are usually based on technical means, such as the Internet of Things, barcodes, RFID, etc., to record the data of each link and associate it with the product. It has important applications in food safety management, market supervision, brand building, etc.

In terms of food safety management, the one-item, one-code agricultural product quality traceability system can track the entire process of food planting, breeding, production, processing, and transportation, helping regulatory authorities to discover the source of problems in a timely manner and strengthen food safety management. When a food safety incident occurs, the affected batches or areas can be quickly locked for recall or processing; in terms of brand management, it can provide product traceability information, including production location, production process, quality inspection report, etc., to help establish Brand reputation. Consumers can scan the traceability code on the product packaging to learn detailed product information and increase their trust in brand products; in terms of market supervision, it can help regulatory authorities conduct market supervision to ensure that agricultural products on the market are compliant and of high quality. standards and safety requirements. Through the traceability system, regulatory authorities can conduct random inspections of agricultural products and quickly trace the production, circulation and sales of problematic products; in terms of product traceability, it can provide detailed information about the product so that consumers can better understand the product. In the process of implementing a traceability system, product coding is always a technical node. ANOJI can customize coding solutions and reliable digital inkjet equipment for enterprises to help improve production line production efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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