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A new generation of ink-jet printing technology - — PrecisionCore print

by:Arojet     2021-04-29
With the development of science and technology, new technology emerge in endlessly, in order to promote the development of the economy. Now society is advocating the speed of the society, so in the printing industry, printing efficiency directly determines the equipment market, recently, released a new generation of ink-jet printing technology; ; PrecisionCore will print will ascend to the height of the output efficiency. Recently, global head of reef well mori released a new generation of ink-jet printing technology; ; PrecisionCore。 The technology will cause changes in printing industry, printing efficiency will be raised to the height of the, helps to further development of the emerging global market of huge potential. The technology will be applied to office printing field. Mori reef well illustrates how many years of technical superiority and the piezoelectric materials and high-precision MEMS ( Micro-electro-mechanical systems) Manufacturing technology of the combination of new achievements, create PrecisionCore chips. It will be a commercial level performance condensation in compact module, made with the technology from single channel industrial printing machine desktop and expand into the group level in the printer. According to introducing, at present, in the industry of commercial use of large-format printers, products widely used in high performance film piezoelectric printing technology, is expected to pass PrecisionCore for customers to create the color expressive force, stable output characteristics of the industrial and commercial printing solutions, can be in business documents, photos, packaging and printing a wide range, such as various types of print media for printing. China packaging printing machinery network
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