A good solution for hand-held inkjet printer identification

by:Arojet     2021-09-19
The current development trend of hand-held inkjet printers tends to be lighter and more compact, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect. Hand-held inkjet printers are widely used in the outer packaging of food, beverages, wine, etc., as well as various steel pipes, woven bags, Gypsum board, etc., can be used in workshops, warehouses, logistics freight yards, offices, etc., and can print production date, job serial number, production shift number, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing code (or invisible characters), company name , Graphic icons, etc. Have rich industry application experience, spray printing factory name and factory logo, numbers, graphics and other information on products of various specifications and sizes. It has successfully operated for many well-known domestic enterprises.

Domestic inkjet printer manufacturers have gradually introduced more inkjet printers suitable for different fields to meet the needs of the market. As a new generation of coding equipment, hand-held inkjet printers are widely used in industries such as profiles, construction pipes, blockboard, laminate flooring, etc. They can print information on different sizes and specifications, and have been successfully operated by many companies.

(1) Smooth marking method.

High-resolution jet printing, suitable for long-term, high-efficiency and high-load work in ordinary and harsh production environments.

(2) Convenient ink replacement system.

The ink can be replaced at any time without stopping the machine without adding solvent.

Handheld inkjet printers also have the characteristics of low cost, wide application, clear marking, etc., which can provide enterprises with the best product marking solutions.

(3) Powerful use and link function.

Large screen full Chinese display menu, built-in Chinese character library, can be connected to the computer, computer fonts can be selected arbitrarily, various graphics, signs, Chinese characters can be edited and printed, stable performance, and can be used with anti-counterfeiting systems, ERP systems, etc. The software is linked to form a complete automatic identification system. Standard industrialized structure with high standard industrial protection level, suitable for industrial environments such as humidity, dust, and high temperature. The nozzle sealing system protects the interior of the nozzle from dust. One-button switch, point-and-shoot camera operation and editing.


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