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4 g power _ business inkjet business inkjet market development

by:Arojet     2021-05-12
In today's more and more respecting the user experience, speed becomes a common topic of concern. The emergence of the 4 g good solve the problem, so the related other industries and what is good? The industry have predicted that in 2014, business inkjet will gain great development. With the launch of the 4 g networks, many people are opening experience. The fourth generation mobile communication standard action, refers to the fourth generation mobile communication technology, hereinafter referred to as 4 g. 4 g is a collection of 3 g and WLAN in one, and can transmit high quality video image, the image transmission quality and high definition TV. 4 g system can download at the speed of 10 MB, 200 times faster than current dial-up Internet access, upload speed can reach 5 MBPS, and can meet the requirements of almost all users for wireless service. High-speed network will be more active market, so as early as in 2013, the office print manufacturers have introduced a series of business for the residential and commercial market ink-jet printing products, this also for ink-jet printing market in 2014 to do the stage ahead of time. Since 2013 at the start of the New Year, HP blockbuster launch second stage after series of inkjet printer HPPro576dw, products also have come on business inkjet printing equipment; HP by hot while the iron is hot for low-cost office users introduced a black and white HP3610, 3620 all-in-one inkjet equipment, fully meet user requirements, targeting commercial office market. At the same time, Canon also released early in the blockbuster series Canon PIXMA business inkjet all-in-one, support from mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices use App print directly, can also WiFi and sent via Google cloud print to print command, for mobile office in 2014 comprehensive coming ahead of the stage. If 2013 is gush fully launched a year, then in 2014, likely to be sprayed into the ordinary real enterprise, and is popular in the year! Considering the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection green printing, in comparison, the advantages of energy-saving mute inkjet printers are compared with obvious; From the user's attention the cost into consideration, now inkjet printing equipment, is a single page printing costs as low as a few cents, almost with the enterprise business office facor excited to play, therefore, the future commercial inkjet printer prospect is considerable. Inkjet printing is expected in 2014, will be universal access to the market situation, commercial inkjet will become the laser printing equipment replacement partner, whether in print quality, print cost, ease of use, or in color, experience, and functional applications, can let business inkjet business office bloom its luster for the enterprise. China packaging printing machinery network
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