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3 d ink-jet archaize brick upcoming new upsurge again _ archaize brick, and archaize brick market 3 d inkjet

by:Arojet     2021-05-02
Traditional screen printing archaize brick has far doesn't satisfy the need of modern family decoration, with the popularity of 3 d inkjet ceramics and bo changes a brick and promotion, the 3 d ink-jet archaize brick into the public's view is only a matter of time, suggested that group eyeing this time, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment and technology, and actively meet the market needs, developed a more bold and lively colour, texture delicate lifelike 3 d ink-jet archaize brick, listing plan years later, it is bound to set off a frenzy in the archaize brick industry. On December 24, at the southwest of fish always led the company's executives suggested that group in ceramic field southwest ceramics market actual situation. Ceramics in China market, the importance of chengdu dealers to look suggested that group gave a high evaluation of the 3 d ink-jet archaize brick, and pressing forward to ma lang ceramics 3 d ink-jet archaize brick to enter the market as soon as possible, then the fish combined company executives went to sichuan to branching channel ceramic production base, and colleagues carried on the thorough exchange, peers agree that 3 d archaize brick will certainly is a big trend of ceramics industry in the future, a big trend, who put into 3 d ink-jet technology, who will grasp the pulse of the market. After a few days in the southwest market on-the-spot investigation, the company for 3 d ink-jet archaize brick with more in-depth knowledge and understanding, believe that the 3 d ink-jet archaize brick is a major trend in the future of archaize brick market, strengthened the company 3 d ink-jet do more better, dedicated to all consumers a fine visual feast. China packaging printing machinery network integration
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