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09 commercial inkjet printer into market backbone _ local news

by:Arojet     2021-05-07
Printing market the deepening

inkjet printer market has already formed the situation of the three pillars of, Canon, HP, occupy the top trend has not changed, in the past in 2008, three big brand competition has turned to commercial markets, but not abandoned the low-end inkjet market, commercial inkjet products become the backbone of the market in 2009, launched in HP, Canon, and printing products, single-use products, and multi-functional product, positioning in the commercial application of the model was significantly higher than domestic models. In order to better meet the needs of business users, commercial jet play from high-speed printing and high quality output gradually into a more mature series of value-added services, the main performance for the print speed, ink capacity increases, the network functions into standard equipment supplies. This portends business jet market after a price cut, technological innovation, more mature and stable after the baptism of the financial crisis.

in 2006 and 2007, the appearance of portable photo printer call quiet household spray market came the ripple, the year of 2009 bring home inkjet printer market fresh vigor is the student machine market was excavated, the first is in late 2008 and early 2009 ME300. ME300, more parents users. Another long not only manifests in the life, the market segment, in view of the drawing, report forms and so on industry market, also appeared a clear positioning of the A3 format printer equipment supplies. These products on the premise of meet the demand, in addition to the part of users do not need to function, different products more targeted, positioning more.


China custom emphasizes the needs of users from China, tailored for Chinese users, in the Chinese market. On the demand side, for domestic users for cost control, output speed and output quality, use environment, handling and other basic needs to carry on the comprehensive consideration, combined with domestic medium details such as hardness, on the basis of the existing model to a partial adjustment of the specifications of the products, to make it more suitable for domestic users. China custom is reflected in the details of the product, such as: Canon copier paper feed part, according to the hardness and thickness of the domestic paper has carried on the redesign, significantly reduced the cardboard, paper, paper and other issues, effectively improve the office efficiency; The LCD panel support Chinese display, supports a key card card copy, etc to join, also make the products more convenient operation; At the same time, Canon also joined the on-demand fixing and environmental design, to reduce the cost at the same time pay more attention to protect the environment. In addition to samsung's new product is make it more closely, the combination of the hardware and software can be quickly output through a printer and software screen or web page content. China custom illustrates the manufacturers in view of the user requirements, integrate all their resources to China commercial aircraft market power.

consumables war

with the continuous development of printer technology, printer product homogeneity is more apparent, printer market competition in 09 is mainly manifested in the war, in order to meet the needs of different business users, low prices, large capacity, large capacity follow. At HP, Canon, three new products, the material is changed. In 2009, not only completed its commercial and consumer inkjet product line layout, and material is a complete update. Adopted a new, unified cartridges series this year, the vast majority of new products can use the same type of standard cartridge capacity, in view of the business application launch MEOffice70 and A3 sized MEOffice1100 to meet the needs of users monochrome perform a large, has adopted two black ink cartridge installation schemes at the same time. While in view of the design of the working party products can be used in a large capacity and large capacity of the cartridge for printing, to meet the multi-user environment perform a need.

HP inkjet products to homes and businesses use of consumable materials respectively adopted the low price and large capacity of the two strategies. Its basic printing requirements for students and families of products, low price of one-piece cartridge promoted technological equipment. New commercial models, is equipped with a large capacity of the pigment ink cartridges, ink cartridges and ink volume capacity in the current inkjet products, it can perform a comparable to middle-end color laser printer. Compared with HP and Canon ink cartridge change more reflected in the low-end products and products of segregation. Of low-end products all turned to the one-piece cartridge, the product is still used in the paint black ink and dye ink cartridges at the same time the use of split type.

technical innovation as the driving force of market development

in the era of consumer demand oriented, through technology to meet the needs of the user changing, implement standard, function, service upgrade, industry as a whole is the premise of a breakthrough. Technical advantages can let consumer in more to focus on quality, performance, cost, service, environmental protection and other issues of reassurance. Under the background of more pragmatic and rational consumption behavior, technological progress and technological innovation is particularly important for market development embodies the prime mover, is the development of the enterprise internal work. With technology as the core driving force, to promote enterprise's core competitiveness, technology innovation is the core factor can really promote the development of the market, is a manufacturer for a long time. Looking ahead to 2010 to meet the needs of users is an eternal theme.

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