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X6 packaging inkjet printer has outstanding performance in daily chemicals industry

Daily chemicals mean the scientific and technological chemicals used in people's daily life, including shampoo, shower gel, cosmetics, laundry powder and so on. At present, small two-dimensional codes are also very popular on the surface or packaging of these commodities, to make the manufacturer’s brands more attractive, so as to achieve the effect to attract people for purchase. Daily commodity packaging marking includes inkjet printing on the labels, individual packaging boxes and outer packaging cartons. Many of AROJET variable data UV inkjet printers can meet the requirements of daily necessities marking, X6 is much better in the printing speed and printing quality.

There are numerous products in the daily necessities industry. The packaging style is novel and unique, and the color is rich and full. AROJET X6 code printing equipment uses RICOH industrial print head, made of all-steel material, wear-resistant and durable. Multi-level ink temperature control, system makes the inkjet printing smoothly, to achieve high precision and high definition. X6 can print variable two-dimensional code, variable one-dimensional code, batch number, manufacture date and expiration date on commodity packaging and labels. UV eco-friendly ink can achieve instant drying, bright color and digital-level definition, to make the product more high-end. X6 printing speed is up to 300m/min, which matches the customer's production line speed perfectly, so that the code printing and post-printing process can be finished at one time, improve production efficiency and reduce costs, and bring broader business development prospects for customers.

The outstanding features of X6 inkjet printer are as follows:

1) High-speed industrial print head made by RICOH, which printing speed can reach 300m/min.

2) The maximum printing resolution can reach 600*1200dpi. At 600*600dpi the printing frequency can reach 50KHZ.

3) Variable ink droplet printing. The ink droplet size can be adjusted between 7pl-35pl. The nozzles are arranged densely and the inkjet printing is fine and stable.

4) Automatic ink shortage detection and white-skipping printing function to reduce ink loss and save cost.

5) Rapid curing of UV-LED reduces post-press process time and improves production efficiency.

6) UV environmental-protective ink, does not contain any VOC substances, is harmless to the environment and human health.

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