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X1 inkjet printing machine applied to printing two-dimensional code on packaging

Two-dimensional code is also called two-dimensional bar code. The common two-dimensional code is QR Code, which is called Quick Response code. It is a super-popular encoding method on mobile devices in recent years. It can store more information and represent more data types than the traditional bar code. With its advantages of large information capacity, wide encoding range, strong error tolerance and low application cost, two-dimensional code is widely used in product identification and mobile payment in these years. Therefore, variable two-dimensional code inkjet printer for professional printing has become very popular. The inkjet printer uses the technology of combining modern printing with variable data, the printing quality reaches A scanning level, and the qualified scanning rate reaches 99.9%. It is widely used in a variety of industries at present.

AROJET variable data UV inkjet printers can print variable barcode, variable two-dimensional code, serial number, product batch number and so on on many different thickness materials. High-quality RICOH customized print head with1280 nozzles per print head with nozzle compensation function performs streamlined printing. Advanced multi-stage temperature-controlled ink technology makes the nozzles unblocked. Intelligent white-skipping printing and automatic substrate thickness measurement, combined with the UV-LED water-cooled curing system which configured by AROJET, X1 printer can provide customers with very satisfactory solutions and reliable equipment to carry out a variety of business for customers.

X1 is the preferred model recommended by our AROJET sales team for its good quality and favorable price.

  • ◪  Adopt RICOH GEN5 print head, with printing speed up to 150m/min.

  • ◪  Suitable for both sheet feeding and roll feeding.

  • ◪  Can installed directly in customer existing printing and post-printing production line, such as coating equipment, label printing machine, etc.

  • ◪  AROJET can also configure new platform for customers, such as feeding platform, paging machine, etc.

  • ◪  AROJET self-designed printing software can achieve intelligent layout. The printing stitching is perfect and the stitching error is less than 0.5mm.

  • ◪  Simple to operate, easy to maintain.

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