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What Is The Printing Principle Of Inkjet Coding Machine Printer?


The more advanced equipment, the higher the request for maintenance personnel. Before the maintenance inkjet coding machine, it is necessary to understand the principle of the inkjet coding print, carefully read the maintenance manual, preferably through the training of the inkjet coding printer's full-time maintenance engineer. The following is a small-line machine as an example of the inkjet coding printing principle under high pressure.

The ink enters the spray gun, and the spray gun has a crystal in which the vibration frequency is about 62.5 kHz. After vibration, the ink is discharged, and the fixed distance point is constituted, while the charge is charged. The ink point is flying out after deflection through the high voltage electrode and falls in a dot matrix. The non-crew of the ink point is not charged, so it does not attack, and the recovery slot is not sent directly, and is used. Sprinted in the ink point of the outer table of the printing data is arranged in a list, which can be between the full, empty or between the two. The object perpendicular to the direction of the ink point is moved (or moving the movement), which can make each column constitute a distance.

The inkjet printing principle of the big-ordered machine is different from the small-line machine: 7 of the large-character gun can only be high-speed open and closed, instead of the crystal oscillator, the text or graphics to be printed, and the output of the computer board, after output The plate and output a series of 7-component electrical signals to 7 micro-solenoid valves, making the ink point in the printing out of the print, text, numbers, or graphics.

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