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UV inkjet printer code technology and the label industry complement each other


At present, the application of this technology is continually deepening into every industry, especially in the industrial field, the application range is more and more wide, and the UV inkjet printer code technology is gradually maturing. Nowadays, it has become an indispensable and important part of every industry. The mobile terminal has become the largest importer of the Internet in China. With the popularity of terminals, the reduction of tariffs, and the upgrading of infrastructure and services, China is bound to usher in the next round of mobile Internet users. Through the integration and penetration of the mobile Internet in the industry, it can promote the transformation of the production industry and become a new opportunity for industrial upgrading. This means that companies are pursuing more efficient and intelligent machinery to boost production.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demands, labels are becoming more and more flexible, combined with line automation production and UV labeling technology for automated label QR code printers. Today's single label printers can improve efficiency. And can save costs. In response to market demand, Anojie inkjet printer manufacturers have specially launched inkjet printers for label printing variable data information. The coding equipment has gained a good reputation in the industry.

The wide application of labels has promoted the development of label coding technology. According to different processing methods of raw materials, labels are divided into single sheets and coil labels. Both of them can be synchronized with the production of inkjet printer equipment on the production line. The label enterprise customers want to use the UV inkjet printer code technology to print the required information content on a single sheet or a roll label. The Arojet printer manufacturer has 16 years of logo printing experience and the UV spray sold. The inkjet coding machine is used in combination according to actual needs. According to the different needs of customers, the appropriate nozzles and systems can be configured to increase the automatic rejection of online detection and support continuous production all the time.

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