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Two Factors Influencing The Formation Of Digital Inkjet Printing


Talking about this digital printing, it is just a few joys and worries. The joy is that more intelligent and flexible printing technology and equipment make the printing industry more technological; the worry is that a new technology has not yet fully demonstrated its profitability. 

How will digital printing be integrated with our lives and production! Consumption upgrade has been widely talked about in recent years. Related data shows that in the big data of daily consumption, the performance of upgraded products is getting more and more eye-catching, and the consumption behavior is moving to a higher stage, and the "cheap" is no longer It is the first choice of consumers, and products with high quality and low price are the trend. Therefore, the demand for large-volume and homogeneous products has been significantly reduced. Therefore, personalized customized printing, on-demand inkjet printing, digital printing, etc. The new printing mode is needed by the market.

On the other hand, China’s Internet consumption is developing rapidly. New consumption patterns and new industries continue to emerge. Online shopping covers all walks of life, including clothing, food, housing, and transportation. This will drive the Internetization of more industries. Printing equipment + Internet will usher in a huge development. Space, Internet platforms can create value, and the foundation of creating value is to improve the efficiency of the industrial chain. How to digitally print needs to be personally and combined with the actual situation of the company, in order to find a business model that is just right for you. As Arnoldjet inkjet technology company not only sells inkjet printers, but also provides diversified personalized customized services for enterprises.

Now is the new consumption era. Compared with the "practical type" that only satisfies basic guarantees in the traditional consumption era, the market demand in the new consumption era pays more attention to brand and quality, pursues individualization and niche brands, and pays attention to the in-depth recognition of brands and products Match, open up online and offline and product categories, and achieve win-win cooperation.

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