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The Seed Qr Code Label Printer Puts Safety Lock On Seeds


One day's plan lies in success, one year's plan lies in spring, spring planting and autumn harvest. This kind of life has been implemented in our thousands of years of development. In the past, the seeds we planted in the spring were kept by ourselves the previous year. Now we usually buy new seeds in the seed shop and plant them in the spring. We only know whether the seeds are good or bad when they are harvested in autumn. For the poor seeds sold by the merchants, this year's efforts are wasted.

The emergence of the seed QR code printer has put a safety lock on the seed, allowing us to understand the situation of the seed more intuitively, not just relying on the instruction manual on the seed package to understand the seed.

The "Crop Seed Label QR Code Encoding Rules" formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture for seed labeling has been released and started to be implemented. According to the rules, the QR code of crop seed labels must be unique. A QR code corresponds to a unique sales unit—seeds. Once the QR code is assigned a commodity seed, it cannot be assigned to other seeds again, and can be used according to the QR code is queried on the product traceability website. The seed QR code inkjet printer has the function of assigning a unique code to the seed, and it can be scanned into the network.

The seed QR code inkjet printer can control the production, processing, logistics, marketing and other links of the seed by applying the QR code to the crop seeds. It is an ideal seed packaging inkjet printer. Having a QR code label for crop seeds is equivalent to putting a safety lock on it, which can greatly reduce the circulation of fake and inferior seeds in the market.

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