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Importance Of Food Manufacturing Inkjet Industry In Food Safety


When you see the title, everyone knows that today Xiaobian talks with you about things other than the inkjet industry. It is well known that melamine was found in the formula of milk powder since 2008. The expired meat in 2014 has been exposed to many well-known fast food chains, food safety issues. Has been plagued by China for more than a decade. 

The lack of food safety regulations makes counterfeit and shoddy foods more common than in other countries, which also makes consumers worry and businesses worry. Since the beginning of the 21st century, innovative technology and technology have not been exaggerated to describe its development with rapid speed, and its deep integration with the Internet has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. The emergence of blockchain can ease or solve the status quo? Let's take a look.

  According to the information currently available, the blockchain alone cannot achieve advanced food safety traceability. IoT, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and intelligent anti-counterfeiting can be combined to achieve 

1. Establish a transaction audit tracking system from farmers and food processing enterprises to consumers; 

2. Provide transparency in agriculture, processing and distribution processes And visibility; 

3. Collect previously undeveloped data for agricultural method analysis and improvement; 

4. Smart contracts enforce contractual terms and establish accountability for all parties involved.


Arojet has been focusing on the inkjet industry for 16 years, but has not ignored the impact of blockchain and Internet of Things on various industries. The food industry will undoubtedly become a part of the UV coding technology wave. As China begins to lead the world in improving food safety, countries around the world are adopting a mindset of learning or perhaps “imitation” because the situation has changed.

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