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The importance of corona processing technology in variable data printing


First of all, to give everyone a general understanding of what is corona treatment technology, Baidu Encyclopedia gives the standard answer is that corona treatment is a kind of electric shock treatment, which makes the surface of the substrate have higher adhesion. 诶....The vernacular is to improve the surface tension of unattractive paper and paperboard, film and other materials, so that the surface tension can be bonded to UV ink. Imagine if there is no corona technology in variable data printing. Our daily shopping contacts with digital products, household appliances, cosmetic packaging containers will be completely colorless, and the recognition between brands will be greatly reduced. When you walk into the supermarket, facing a colorful shelf, the shopping experience will be greatly reduced. 

For example, in flexible packaging materials, variable data printing can be divided into three types: surface printing, no printing, and composite printing. The printing means that the ink is printed on the outer surface of the package; the printing means that the pattern is printed on the inner side of the package and may be in contact with the packaged object; the inner printing composite means that the outer layer of the composite packaging is printed on the outer layer. The wide variety of flexible packaging materials, just the substrate contains dozens of film materials, as well as composite substrates are even more complicated. From the surface of the material, the surface tension alone is very different in the inkjet variable data printing machine system. There are single-sided corona materials, double-sided corona materials, and no corona. Processed material. In summary, corona technology enables the possibility of printing on low-attach materials such as plastics, making the items used in our lives more colorful.

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