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The development of the Internet of Things drives the market demand for packaging identification equipment


The concept of the Internet of Things was proposed in 1999. The Internet of Things is the Internet of Things, the Internet of Things. The definition of the Internet of Things is through information sensing devices such as radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system chargers, laser scanners, etc., according to the agreed agreement, the packaging identification device connects any items to the Internet for information exchange and Communication, a network that enables intelligent identification, location, tracking, monitoring, and management of items. It is the application expansion of the Internet. It is not so much that the Internet of Things is a network, but the Internet of Things is a business and application based on the Internet.

In the era of such an era, the traditional identification equipment will provide the identification from the basic manufacturing information to the more detailed production process. The content covered by the identification will be traced back and forth by the logistics. The manufacturer will consciously provide the end user with more For complex and traceable related information, the sweep function on the WeChat platform has turned the demand for QR code into the packaging identification equipment industry. In the IoT logo industry, Anojie AROIET is based on the customer's personalized customization needs. With the application of IoT technology, Anojie's variable data coding system will also be more market users with its unique performance. Pro-favour and sought after.

In such an industry context, this market needs to be different from traditional technologies, requires identification equipment capable of providing advanced identification information, and an identification machine capable of identifying high-quality QR code information. At present, there are many devices that can provide two-dimensional code identification, such as inkjet coding machine, digital printing machine, variable data printing system, side-jet variable data printing system, etc., which can print on-line, fast speed, clear barcode, UV printers with high levels of reading will also have a profound impact on the packaging industry in the future.

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