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Sheet-fed label printer brings perfect quality


   The sheet-fed label printers implements the new design concept of the printer. The nozzle is not easy to block. It has negative pressure ink path control and positive pressure nozzle cleaning. It improves the internal use environment, improves the machine stability, and improves the service system. The supply chain advantage of the industrial chain, high speed inkjet printeruses UV ink, not only environmental protection but also a wide range of printing materials, all kinds of logo content can be printed, the grade is A grade, high adhesion and friction resistance, Anti-scratch, anti-alcohol, high-efficiency and stable performance, the quality of the Arojet brand is sold worldwide.


    The sheet-fed label printer adopts environmentally-friendly, non-toxic UV ink, which can print on a variety of substrates, once solidified and shaped. The quality of the printed products is stable, meeting the different production needs of printing companies, and printing different combinations of colors,bar code and QR codeaccording to customer requirements,it is good for anti-counterfeiting. The appropriate nozzles and systems can be configured according to different needs of customers. It can increase the automatic rejection of online detection, the equipment is stable, and supports 24-hour continuous production.

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