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Seed coding printer,which is applicable to all aspects


In order to standardize the two-dimensional code information content and two-dimensional code production of crop seed labels, it is convenient to identify and apply the two-dimensional code of seed labels, and the rules are formulated according to relevant regulations. Nowadays, in the digital age of information Internet, seed quality wants to be traceable, recallable, anti-counterfeit, anti-smuggling, etc.and it is inseparable from seed coding printer.Anojie is customer-oriented and provides customers with useful and valuable inkjet printer products and technical solutions. The device can achieve 600DPI precision in physical precision, and can print micro-contents with small characters of 3mm. The performance is minimal, excellence, and the effect is clear and stable.

Anojie's research, production and sales of seed coding printer has an open third-party interface to cooperate with ERP, anti-counterfeiting system, PLC and other customer systems for timely data information printing, and the inkjet coding equipment can be loaded into the customer's existing various rotary printing equipment,flexographic printing machine, gravure printing machine and other equipment, prepress & postpress finishing equipment, packaging equipment, and other online assembly line equipment, can also be selected to be independent to separate sheet feeding equipment, roll paper feeding equipment, etc. Print online or offline mode on an online or offline device.

The universal UV drying system makes the rear section maintenance of the seed coding printer easier. The LED UV curing device is economical and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life. The UV curing lamp quickly cures the printed content, enhances adhesion, and resists scratching and alcohol resistance. Increased ability to increase printing speed. Applicable to large-scale industrial production, high return on investment of equipment, easy maintenance, low operating cost, safe management of printing data, prevention of re-printing and wrong code before printing, and ideal equipment for other packaging materials.

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