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Safe, stable and efficient production line operation of side jet printer


The UV spray printing system is specially developed for packaging industry. The system uses side spray printing design to meet the needs of packaging industry. For side jet printer machine, eight printheads can be seamlessly spliced and printed at the same time. It satisfies the multi-sides printing of cartons. It solves the tedious process of labeling and stamping cartons on the market and the safety of making variable data. It is directly installed in existing packaging machines and packaging machines. On the assembly line, automatic code-inkling, production process without human intervention.

Arojet's C3 side jet printer can print various monochrome pictures instead of monochrome screen printing process. Large objects are inconvenient to operate in screen printing and transfer printing, low production efficiency and high labor cost. If the inkjet variable data printing machine is used to print directly on the product surface and cooperate with the production line, the production efficiency will be greatly improved, the product grade will be upgraded, and no special process is needed to reduce the cost. Production costs.

C3 side jet printer realizes the authenticity of product data, and truly realizes one thing for one code. The equipment is directly installed on the side of the production line,to spray the bar code,two-dimensional codes, text, pictures and figures on the side of the product. Patented ink circuit design and stable ink path are the basis to ensure the normal operation of the machine. It can be sprayed unilaterally or bilaterally to meet the application of different occasions. The printing effect is glossy, beautiful, strong adhesion, and the UV ink nozzle is not easy jammed, printhead physical resolution 360DPI, spray printing effect is more fine.

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