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RFID Radio Frequency Identification Uv Inkjet Printer For Wine


Radio frequency identification technology (RFID), add an independent electronic ID card for each bottle of wine. The RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system covers the circulation links from production to storage to market inquiry, and has high integrity and flexibility. After it is combined with the logistics system, it will have powerful anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling and all-round traceability functions. The system adopts automation technology, automatic identification technology and information encryption technology, marking UV inkjet printers to give each product an independent identity label, through the product code in the production process and the supervision of circulation sales information, to achieve each product Supervise, manage and control the logistics and information flow of wine products.

AROJET logo UV inkjet printers have been paying attention to wine traceability projects, and have successfully designed exclusive RFID label anti-counterfeiting traceability solutions for many wine manufacturers. On the basis of the box code, an independent RFID is added, and the three codes are in one, and the UV inkjet printer applies the RFID identification code to the wine anti-counterfeiting and traceability enterprise. AROJET UV inkjet printers are used in the printing of short-run wine labels, daily chemical labels, food packaging labels, and can also be used to print personalized variable content. The system integrates multiple functional modules such as corona, dust removal, flexo printing, cold stamping, cylinder die cutting, laminating, slitting, and waste collection to provide customers with one-stop solutions.

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