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Wechat Qr Code Technology Opens The Era Of Data Marketing


I believe that since the popularity of smartphones and the popularity of WeChat, WeChat red envelopes have always been loved by everyone. Whether it is the suspense of red envelope removal or the joy of being able to get to the account, it is very happy. Of course, this also allows businesses to see business opportunities, one after another using two-dimensional code technology for red envelope promotions, thereby attracting consumers' desire to buy. So what are the advantages of QR code red envelope promotion? Businesses can set this product to have a red envelope, or set another product to have a red envelope. At the same time, you can freely combine the same products and divide the products participating in the QR code red envelope promotion into several parts. Through the Anojet QR code technology background, the winning rate of each part of the goods is set independently. In addition, companies can clearly know which products have red envelopes, the amount of red envelopes, which regions and redistribution products are sent to which dealers.

At the same time, according to marketing strategies, companies can send products with a winning rate of 100% to regions or dealers with lower sales to stimulate consumption; similarly, they can send products with a winning rate of 100% to regions with higher sales to increase sales. Several times. After the company purchases the QR code technology, it can choose to place red envelopes for long-term rebate to consumers according to actual needs, or set a specific time, such as during the celebration of a store or major holidays such as National Day and Spring Festival. Dimensional code will send a red envelope. Through the back office, businesses can perform identity and role settings, such as consumers, shopping guides and decorators, designers, plumbers, auto parts and other intermediaries, so as to achieve precise control of the winning crowd. Two-dimensional code identification marketing has become a normal trend. As a gift, red envelopes have become a medium of wealth flow on mobile Internet platforms. With the help of grabbing "red envelopes", corporate brands were exposed and displayed. At the same time, they also gained more exposure and positive fans in a short time through various forms such as sharing and doing red envelopes for tasks.

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