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Promoting Product Development by Using Soft Packaging Code Printers


With the continuous development of computers and printing equipment, UV inkjet printing technology is constantly being updated and improved. UV inkjet printing has got an unstoppable momentum of development. Nowadays, it is the most suitable to use the soft packaging code printing equipment capable of automatically printing to do product or packaging content identification. Lots of companies have applied this printer to make product or packaging identification. The materials that can be printed are extensive, and the adhesion and toughness are more remarkable after being irradiated by ultraviolet curing lamps.

Personalized soft packaging code printing equipment has attracted the attention of the Internet of Things logo industry. The automatic inkjet printer can process a wide range of materials. After UV curing, the 2D code, bar code and other identifying information are more firmly attached to the product or packaging, water-proof and scratch-resistant, and more readable. The adhesion and toughness of printed image are more remarkable when it comes to flexible substrates such as flexible. Therefore, its recommended to print codes on various packaging using ink-jet printers to form a personalized and anti-counterfeit packaging, enhancing the competitiveness of the product and increasing the added value of the product.

Arojets soft packaging code printing equipment supports roll to roll printing, single flexible packaging and film printing. The high-speed flexographic printing machine prints material with the width of 45-350 meters per minute. And if installed with more nozzles, its printing will be more efficient. It can print variable 2D code, Chinese and English characters, numbers, LOGO, picture, quantum cloud code, spectrum code and so on. The machine can be installed on high-speed rewinding equipment, high-speed printing machinery, paper feeding platform, laminating equipment, capping arranging machine,capsule machine, high-speed single-sheet platform, etc. according to customer needs.

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