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Product Planar Code Spraying Application, Arojet UV product jet code machine performance is perfect


Arojet has rich experience in marking industry. For nearly 16 years, it has been focusing on the solution of customer marking technology. It has established cooperation with many well-known enterprises in China. Its business is all over the world. Arojet UV product jet code machine is a kind of ink-jet printer, a non-contact product surface and printing equipment. With German technology, the ink system is stable and reliable. The main object of service is some automatic production lines with heavy labeling tasks, which can create exquisite labels.

All planar products need to be coded, using the Arojet UV product jet code machine to process the content, and printing WYSIWYG can show the operation of the coder in real time. The shape of the logo content can be clearly reflected on the computer display, which makes the operation and use very convenient. Industrial inkjet printer can easily realize the printing of date, time, batch number, graphics, trademark, pattern, two-dimensional code, bar code, quantum cloud code, rainbow code, electronic supervisory code in various industries. The coder is easy to operate, easy to maintain, low cost, and is praised by many customers in use.

Arojet UV product spray coder can be used in many industries, especially in some high-speed production lines. The system is stable and can work continuously. The characters are small to 3 mm, and the spray printing is clear. It can meet the high-speed spray printing capacity of 350 meters per minute. On the number of spray lines, a single machine can achieve 8 lines of spray printing ability, New identification can achieve anti-counterfeiting retrospective effect. In pursuit of innovation, integrity and win-win, Arojet strives for new points.

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