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Packaging two-dimensional code-jet equipment to open up business for you


As the world enters the era of Internet of Things, developed economies are promoting the development of intelligent manufacturing. Mechanical packaging two-dimensional code-jet equipment is a machine that assigns codes to products or packages. The two-dimensional code of commodities occupies an important position. It can promote the interaction between enterprises and users, expand the advocacy of social science and technology development. It is convenient and fast to read the two-dimensional code printed by the code-jet equipment. Percentage of literacy, reduce labor costs, so that your business more standardized, products beyond the expectations of customers, has increasingly become a new favorite logo.


Two-dimensional code is a higher-level format than one-dimensional code. Two-dimensional code has high-density coding, large information capacity, wide coding range, strong fault-tolerant ability, error-correcting function, high decoding reliability, can introduce encryption measures, and low cost, easy to produce, durable. Today, two-dimensional code has a wide range of applications. The application of two-dimensional code also patronized the development of packaging two-dimensional code inkjet equipment, Coding equipment which combines the advantages of inkjet printing technology and ultraviolet curing technology, including solving product content identification in different industries such as food, electronics and daily chemical industry. It has the advantages of both inkjet technology and adhesion curing. The increasing number of inkjet printers can be described as a mushroom.


Two-dimensional code is inseparable from code-jet confidentiality. It is the general trend to print two-dimensional code on products. Packaging two-dimensional code-jet equipment is the hottest marking equipment at present. It is a realistic and economical marking means to give product information in the form of two-dimensional code as a medium. At present, the printing requirement of variable two-dimensional codes has been fully fulfilled in the market of jet printers. Therefore, the application of two-dimensional codes on packaging will certainly promote the market of jet printers to carry out business.

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