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Large UV inkjet printers make information transparent and open


Now entering the Internet of Things era, the development of Internet + QR code technology has rapidly promoted the integration of economic information technology, providing product safety supervision and management, the collection of big data, especially the establishment of a safety traceability system for products on the tip of food. Very strong technical support and support.Here, the establishment of product safety traceability system is inseparable from data collection, product information entry, automatic identification, etc.These depend on the large amount of information printed by the large UV inkjet printer and the fast recognition of the QR code. Therefore, the generation and direct marking of the two-dimensional code on the product or product packaging, especially the unique marking bar code or two-dimensional code of the single product is particularly important.

Unique barcodes, QR codes or variable QR codes are generated directly and quickly marked directly on the product or product packaging, requiring a high level of identification device technology.At present, the method of directly marking the two-dimensional code mainly includes a non-contact large-scale UV inkjet printer or a laser machine.Labeling technology is a relatively traditional technology. It needs to print the QR code generated by the computer with a barcode printer and paste it on the product or product packaging through the labeling machine. The efficiency is low, the equipment cost is high, and the product is stored. Easy to fall off during transport, and print content on the surface of the product with a inkjet coding machine,its limitations are obvious.

UV inkjet printer is currently one of the effective means to directly print variable two-dimensional code and other content online or offline. It adopts non-contact inkjet printer technology to show strong advantages, and is an important means and method for future product traceability direct marking.The same software system generates two-dimensional code and prints it out in sequence through the large UV inkjet printer nozzle, and then enters the marked product into the system through the inspection and rejection system, so that the product data information enters the Internet of Things system, enabling the product to be in the logistics. Still become transparent in information.

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