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Is variable data printing system or digital printing system? Online or offline?


As the Arojet brand which has been standing for 16 years in the code printing industry,we have long been committed to diverse logo printing production lines for customers, in the balance of the advantages and disadvantages of line combination printing.Whether it is a variable data printing system or a digital printing system, it is adjusted as much as possible for the combination printing, because we hope that the soft packaging industry and the label industry can simplify the processing to achieve production integration.The advantage of combined printing is that it can greatly improve the production efficiency, and whether the operator can take care of both the printing and the printing. In actual operation, the post-press processing is not as flexible as printing. After the label printing, the process of die-cutting is relatively simple, and the label die-cutting shape is the same, and the post-processing can be taken. Only one paper feed, one operator,can process the finished product.

Applying digital printing technology to digital printing systems for a high level of flexibility, it enables instant switching, one printing, switching between different versions, digital printing and variable data printing system gradually become one of the mainstream printing     methods.The flexibility of the variable data printing system, in general, prints an order and immediately prints an order, each time the print output is controllable. In the development process of digital printing machines and UV inkjet printers, there are two options of connection and offline. In the short processing of high processing complexity, the processing will be more advantageous. Arojet's digital presses and UV inkjet printers can be combined with the post-label processing unit according to the actual production needs of the customer, and the flexibility can be expanded as much as possible.

Digital printing technology combined printing includes digital printing equipment + offline printing equipment and UV marking content jet printer + online / offline identification assignment. In the view of printing companies, the printing speed of digital combination printing is not critical for processing small batch orders. Enhancing the overall effect is the top priority. The advantage of the digital combined printing system is that the overall production efficiency is greatly improved compared with the previous single machine production, and the material waste, preparation time and tool cost are lower than the traditional printing processing method, that is to say, the advantages Significantly greater than the shortcomings, this is the value of digital printing combined with traditional printing processing.

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