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Importance Of Applying Food Inkjet Printer System Inkjet Printer


Food safety is a very complicated issue and is a common topic of global concern. The problem of food safety has been, and my country's law encourages and vigorously supports food production and operation enterprises to collect, retain production and operation information, and establish a food safety traceability system, let the food goes from the source to the dining table. Transparent information publicity.

Enterprises want to ensure the safety of food quality, they must be trace trace from the help of trusted food safety trace inkjet printer System. Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd., using a prisoner head, and the food safety tracered inkjet compusion machine produced by Guangdong AROJET Ink Jet Technology Co., Ltd. It is integrated with the source, origin, when to pick, when the food is used, when transportation, sales, etc., form a QR code in the form of the coding, these QR code information will be stored in the food safety traceback code In the machine system, it is easy to test the cold chain of perishable foods in the food company, recall in the emergence of food safety incidents, protect the company's reputation; allow consumers only need to sweep the secondary code through the mobile phone or terminal query machine, can The product's "past life" is unbard, eliminating consumers, causing consumers to trace the food safety, thus enhancing consumers' trust.

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