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High Resolution Inkjet Ink Use In DOD High-resolution Printer


DOD (Drop On Demand) High-resolution inkjet printer uses special consumables such as fast drying, oily ink, nozzle moisturizing fluid, cleaning agent, and selects a suitable high-resolution inkjet ink according to different materials of the product. The sprayer spray is a high precision accessory. It is necessary to use high-quality ink to prevent the prisoner nozzle from blocking to ensure the service life of the nozzle, fundamentally saving invisible costs for customers.

High resolution coding machine inkjet ink can be divided into: black, red, white, blue, yellow, green, invisible ink, etc., meet the needs of customers for various codles. For example, on the surface of dark material needs to be used to print ink to achieve high-definition identification; the same needs to print dark ink on the surface of the light-colored material. Among them, fast drying ink is suitable for non-permeability material surface spray code; oily ink is suitable for the surface of the permeability material. Arojet printer manufacturers provide imported printed machine inkjet inks, genuine guarantees, professional supply high-analysis ink, UV printed machine ink, dot matrix ink, thermal foam, ink, etc., large price Excellent, welcome to order.

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