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Hardware inkjet printer makes product identification more convenient


Traditional hardware refers to various metal devices made of iron, steel, aluminum and other metals through physical processing such as forging, calendering and cutting. History has entered the modern industrial society, and the metal and hardware products industry has developed rapidly. The hardware industry has played an invaluable role in the development of the national economy. Hardware products have also become an indispensable industrial link in industrial manufacturing. The hardware produced by the hardware factory should identify the relevant content, which is convenient for the assembly of the production line. For example, the brake pads and the power adapter can use the hardware inkjet printer to process the logo. Anojie is committed to high standards, high quality and high adhesion. Products to meet customers, and to provide customers with quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Brake pads are generally composed of steel plates, bonded insulation layers and friction blocks. The steel plates are painted to prevent rust. The insulation layer is composed of materials that do not transfer heat, and the surface is printed with relevant content (LOGO, Chinese and English). Etc., can print white ink, red ink, black ink, the content does not fade, to achieve scratch resistance, alcohol resistance. The hardware inkjet printer adopts the industrial inkjet printer design to meet the printing requirements. The inkjet coding machine can realize the simultaneous printing of multiple nozzles, satisfying the printing of the upper and lower sides, the multi-stage ink path protection and the continuous ink supply. The area is continuously inked, and the ink is not stopped. 1LUV ink meets the requirements of large ink volume. It is an ideal choice for industrial high speed production lines.

The surface of the power adapter housing has product identification, such as enterprise LOGO, production date, batch batch number, serial number, one-dimensional code, variable two-dimensional code and other information. The code on the power adapter should be long-lasting. The printer manufacturer recommends UV coding equipment. The equipment has stable performance and high speed. The qualified content of the printing content is 100%. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises to apply to the hardware inkjet printer. Good solution to the problem of production efficiency, saving time and labor, high efficiency, directly on the surface of the product, no need to contact, production speed, Anojie with a perfect service system, the supply chain of the entire industry chain, one stop The overall solution solves the problem.

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