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Garbage Bag Trace QR Code Is Useful For Garbage Classification


The QR code for garbage bags was born for traceability. Relying on the QR code technology, it can trace the QR code for garbage bags. Grasp the implementation status of garbage classification, and conduct investigation and analysis of the implementation status, and provide reference materials for decision-making. On the other hand, with technical assistance, you can fully grasp the situation and achieve precise countermeasures. For example, formulating reward and punishment measures to make garbage classification policies better implemented.

Trace QR code: The pilot implementation of the "one household, one code" community, each household will receive a specific QR code garbage bag, divided into "food waste" and "other" two kinds. Residents have corresponding QR code information on the garbage bags. Only by scanning the QR code in front of the garbage room can they open the corresponding garbage room door for garbage disposal. After disposing of garbage, the smart garbage room will transmit relevant information to the community garbage classification automated information management cloud platform, and process data such as the name, room number, and contact information of the person who placed it, and obtain data records such as residents' participation rate and accuracy rate of garbage disposal. And automatically generate points, send SMS reminders.

To an enterprise face to face, its own field, but to continue to cross, cross-border development thinking. Based on AROJET' s 12 years of experience in manufacturing UV inkjet printers, it is very easy to do a good inkjet printer for printing Garbage QR codes, but now the market requires more than just one Taiwan coding equipment should be a safe and efficient overall solution.

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