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Functional description of matching detection system of jet printer


On-line bar code detection system cooperates with on-line spraying code equipment, after spraying code, it detects bar code or two-dimensional code. With the application of matching detection system of jet printer, the scanning quality of content in spraying printing process can be found in time. On-line detection of one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and invisible code can be used to inquire the heavy code, unable to scan bar code, missing code and no number in the process of spraying code timely with customized code type. In the case of continuous and unequal number length, the printer can effectively achieve no defective products.

The matching detection system of jet printer uses encoder to detect the actual speed. The system can accurately record the position of each label and make accurate judgment in the process of detection, which greatly reduces the errors of shooting position and eliminating inaccurate action caused by other external factors. The detection system sets parameters according to the actual distance and greatly reduces the requirements of operators. Online bar code detection system cooperates with jet printer, which can display the contents of defective products in time, save the records of scanned records and defective products in the database, generate reports, and eliminate data-related rejection and sound and light alarm signals, so as to eliminate defective products in time.

Arojet's Inkjet printer matching detection system of jet printer has a detection system that can connect multiple cameras, but there is only one trigger signal and rejection signal, such as four cameras, four cameras taking pictures at the same time, can not be independently controlled, and only one rejection; one can connect multiple cameras detection, trigger signal and rejection signal four independent control, such as four cameras. Four cameras can take pictures successively, and four can also be deleted correspondingly, which is synchronized with the corresponding cameras.

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