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Environmental-friendly UV ink applied to AROJET inkjet printer

UV ink is a solvent-free, fast drying, luster, bright color, water-resistant, solvent-resistant, wear-resistant ink, which has become a mature ink technology, and its pollutant emission is almost zero. UV ink is an economical and efficient ink, which has covered all the printing fields, and is generally used in high-end printing.

There are many kinds of UV ink and a large range of applications. According to the classification of printing technology, UV ink can be divided into UV offset printing ink, UV silk-screen printing ink, UV pad printing ink and UV water-based inkjet ink. According to the application areas, it can be divided into UV iron printing ink, UV metal ink, UV glass ink, UV plastic ink, UV circuit board ink and UV photosensitive ink. Because of the curing characteristics of fast drying, UV ink can show unique texture effect on the printed material, make the color of the printing bright, highlight the delicate and high-grade, which is not available in other curing methods,and become more and more popular in many industries.

The ink used in AROJET inkjet printer series belongs to UV ink. Different models with different print heads use different types of ink. There are many  ink colors used in monochrome printers, such as black, white, blue, red, yellow, green and invisible ink. Customers can choose the color of ink they need according to the printing requirements. The color printer SP-9800 uses CMYK four-color ink. The quality of ink we provide is reliable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-polluting. All types of AROJET ink are sent to SGS for test regularly. The content of harmful substances meets RoHS standard.

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