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Do you want to use the paper marking inkjet printer to code?


The printer has a series of high-resolution, small-character, UV inkjet printers on the market. For high-quality inkjet printing, it is also preferred to use UV inkjet printers for printing. Anojie's paper marking inkjet printer The negative pressure ink supply system ensures stable, reliable and long service life. The industry's cutting-edge printing effect makes your products exceed the expectations of customers. The equipment is suitable for printing large and medium-sized single labels, which are medium and high-grade materials. Ideal for coding.

The packaging form and material of the product will be ever-changing. In a short period of time, the content that meets the needs of the manufacturer can be printed at a fast speed. The paper marking inkjet printer of sheet-fed and roll-on paper materials can ensure the reading of the two-dimensional code. The rate, without affecting the production speed, is very important in different production enterprises; variable data printing is a kind of printing information that is especially needed for modernization, so for many customers who have variable data printing needs, it is not only A coded device requires a variable data management system with high efficiency and high safety factor. Anojie can provide customers with a solution for the whole variable data inkjet coding machine.

he printing of relevant content on the paper surface does not require corona. After professional engineering debugging, it can work without any downtime for 7*24 hours, comprehensively improve production efficiency, alleviate production pressure and effectively reduce production cost. In the fierce competition in the inkjet printer industry in the future, the insatiable Anojie people will provide high-quality services to provide customers with satisfactory coded products, meet the different coding requirements of domestic and foreign customers, and serve more industries. Users provide an economical code identification solution.

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