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Do You Know The Benefits Of Industrial Laser Inkjet Printer?


1.The laser inkjet printer has a higher cost performance.

It can be seen from some aspects that some customers are very sensitive to prices. When I hear that the laser inkjet printer is relatively expensive than the industrial inkjet printer, it is daunting, but AROJET wants to tell everyone, whether it is a laser inkjet printer or  industrial inkjet printer, we usually choose long-term use, mass production and a large amount of product inquiry work in the factory, only to see the price of the machine equipment is inextricably.

In the later use, the laser inkjet printer has the advantage of saving, environmentally friendly, low carbon, saving a large number of inkjet machine inks, solvent costs. For a general industrial inkjet printer machine, usually the annual ink, solvent cost, one will be over 10,000 yuan, for many years, the cost is amazing, the laser inkjet printer is quite saving this part of the consumption.

2, The laser inkjet printer has near "zero maintenance", saving a lot of time.

Time cost is an important criterion that has to be careful and assessment for the factory. For the inkjet printer, the maintenance cost is a matter of all purchases that users have to take into account in advance. Most domestic and imported printers are policies with warranty for one year. For laser inkjet printer, the maintenance is substantially equal to zero, inserted, and the failure rate is extremely low.

3, The laser inkjet printer meets sustainable development, green environmental protection.

With the rapid development of the economy, environmental protection has gradually been highly concerned by the domestic political circles and business community. How to maintain rapid development rationally use resources to ensure sustainable regeneration development, maintaining green unity of the ecological environment, and has become the main problem. The laser inkjet printer is born, there is no consumption of the ink solvent, plus the use of the laser tube, the mirror, and the control system to achieve a permanent identification.

Some large companies in China, such as "Nongfu Spring", "Coca Cola", etc. began to use the laser inkjet printer to operate on the product to achieve a permanent anti-counterfeit mark, more efficient and energy-saving and environmental protection, with high economic cost, and meet the long-term development strategy of enterprises. 

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